Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is applicable between ‘you’, the user of the portal and ‘Eazy Recruit solutions’, the provider of the portal. The policy is applied on usage of any and all the data collected by us in relation to use of the portal and provide best services.

We collect all the sensitive data to simplify the recruitment process, only so far as is necessary and in compliance with legislation. By using the portal, your consent to us processing of the data will only be with prospective employers. It will be just for the purpose of recruitment by the staffing companies

The security of the data carries utmost importance for us. Access to the personal data is only provided to the staff and staffing company in order to help with the recruitment process.


Easy Recruit Solutions is a leading professional company specialized in helping you to get the right candidate for permanent, contract, or temporary positions at right time with easy-to use tools to simplify your recruitment process for the fortune 500 companies. Our sole aim is to provide the best bench sales experience in IT services.

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