Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

1. Definitions and Interpretation

In this Policy the following terms shall have the following meanings:

"Account" means collectively the personal information used by Users of the recruitment companies or staff working on the Website;

"Content" means any text, graphics, images, audio, video and any other form of information capable of being stored in a computer that appears on or forms part of this Website;

"Data" means collectively all information that you submit to the Website. This includes, but is not limited to Account details as well as information submitted using any of our Services;

"Services" means collectively any online facilities, tools, services or information that EAZY Recruit Solutions makes available through the Website now or in the coming future;

1. Data Collected

Our data includes:

  • Name;
  • Job title;
  • Company name;
  • Skills
  • Contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers;
  • Demographic information such as post code;
  • and Cookie information

3. Our Use of Data

Any personal Data you submit will be retained by for as long as you use the EAZY Recruit Solutions provided on the Website.

Your Data will not be disclosed to third parties and personal Data is stored securely.

Above Data may be required by us from time to time in order to provide your information to the recruiters and producing reports or statistics. Your all personal information will remain confidential at all times.

4. Security

Data security is of great importance and to protect it we have put in place suitable procedures to safeguard and secure your Data.

5. Cookies

EAZY Recruit Solutions may set and access Cookies on your computer.


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