Recruiter Dashboards

EZRS gives you the tools to recruit smartly with detailed reports, saving your efforts, time and money. Easy to access interface and real time results are the two pillars of our dashboard. The recruiter dashboard represents simplicity in itself- Guess how it works…

Manage Resources

Fill out your essential requirements including skills and preferred location, whole list of candidates is displayed clearly before you. Simplicity at its best! Eazy Recruit Solutions presents ‘EMAIL MANAGEMENT’ send them an email to all available candidates with a single click.

E-mail Management

Get the full end-to-end solution of sending an email to the inbox of the best people that matches your requirement with just one click. Customize your results and don’t worry your email address is in safe hands. We believe that security comes first; there is no chance that your details may reach in wrong hands.

EAZY Recruit solutions are highly automated, intuitive and simple to use and they are apt to curb the strain out of daily workload. It implies that recruitment companies can save their time, money, reduce errors and spend more time with people that matters most- clients and talented candidates.

Advance Search

Recruiting companies always want to be informed, to keep abreast of the candidates for best results and keeping that in mind, our services are fastest and accurate to identify the right candidates quickly and easily.


Easy Recruit Solutions is a leading professional company specialized in helping you to get the right candidate for permanent, contract, or temporary positions at right time with easy-to use tools to simplify your recruitment process for the fortune 500 companies. Our sole aim is to provide the best bench sales experience in IT services.

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